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2. From the TBC main menu select File->Import... In the dialog, expand General and select Existing Projects into Workspace.

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3. Click the Next button. In the resulting dialog choose the Select root directory option and browse to the folder where you unzipped the file. Be sure to select the Search for nested projects option. It is recommended not to select the Copy projects into workspace option.

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4. Click Finish.

5. From the TBC main menu select TopBraid Applications→Open TopBraid EDG. 

When TopBraid EDG home page is presented, select choose the Server Administration  from the blue Navigation Bar at the left of the page. Go to the Text Indices  page. Click on the Rebuild button. This will make sure that search indexes used for the free text and regular expression searches in the search panel are updated for the samples.

TopBraid EDG

Please use these instructions when adding samples to a server running TopBraid EDG: